Willa, the book, tells the tale of Willa, the puppy-soon-dog. Willa was trained to assist blind people, was retired before she began and adopted by Mollie. Willa tells of her exploits, her feelings, her trickery, and her love in this simple "read-it-to-me-AGAIN" illustrated storybook. Children will love it as a bedtime story, and adults will love to sneak off with it to read or admire the drawings.

-Criss, the web desginer

Willa for ages three to nine --- $15
($3 of each sale donated to Guiding Eyes for the Blind)

Physical description of 'Willa' from a totally biased point of view:

Willa is an active four-year-old, spayed, black Labrador retriever. She is highly intelligent, empathetic, conciously amusing, imaginative, permanently hungry, beautiful, patient with adults and children alike, resourceful and very very loving. She loves me, my husband, our daughter and son in law, their two children, my son, the FEDEX driver, the UPS driver, the post man, her veterinarian Dr. Bridget Brooke, and anyone else she meets. In four and a half years I have never heard her growl (even when my grandsons Stark and Riggs locked her in the bedroom so they could teach her how to fly [off the end of the bed] as Superman. {not very far} ).

She is, unequivocally the best dog in the whole world. (There are some people with wonderful dogs who might dispute this and they are, of course, entitled to their opinion.)

Sample Text

My name is Willa. I am a dog called a black Labrador retriever, and I come from a large family of dogs whose job is to help people who cannot see.


"I've never been so touched by a book---laughs, tears, etc."
Pam, Jan 7, 2007

"We opened the books last night and were blown away. [...] Willa is an admirable author. The book is informative, loving, well written, unusual subject matter and just a plain delight to read. Your drawings are just the icing on the cake and bring so much action and humor to the finished product. You two are an amazing team!"
Becky & Terry in Wyoming, December 31, 2006

"Both my grandson and I loved it, and he was very impressed that you wrote it AND illustrated it! As owners of retrievers over the years, I appreciate how you captured their gentle and loving spirit.
Willa is both educational and entertaining, which is what a book should be!"

Jan, December 20, 2006