A picture story of a year at Kirby Hill with drawings by the author. The author seeks gently to introduce children to awareness of the fragile balance between land use by humans and the conservation of land for natural uses. Hopefully the message readers will receive is that when land is taken away from its natural state it is changed forever; so we must cherish and protect land while it is still here.

The Foxes of Kirby Hill for ages three to nine --- $15
($3 of each sale donated to Guiding Eyes for the Blind)

Sample Text

As the cubs grow they copy their parents, preparing themselves to survive when they are grown. One of the things they learn is to leap high into the air and come down hard on the ground with their front paws. This is how they make grasshoppers and field mice jump out of the grass so they can catch and eat them.


"Your Foxes of Kirby Hill is just delightful and I will treasure having it and sharing it. The drawings are so true to nature and the whole story is lovely, except for the sad ending which breaks my heart. Perhaps your book will help to make people think more about our important environment and the things that really make our lives worth living.
"Thank you for making a difference!! And for such a beautiful book."

Claire Potter, sculptress, Sept 5th, '04

"Never have I seen such a dream of a book! You really are an artist---It's totally enchanting---Mothers and Fathers ought to have heavenly evenings reading this to small ones and not so small ones. The drawings are divine. You know the young who read it or have it read to them will get the point about conservation of land, water, etc."
P. LeBoutillier Artist, sculptress, Aug 2nd, '04

"I had a wonderful time reading The Foxes of Kirby Hill. What a treasure it is. I have thoroughly enjoyed every single page, both the text and her adorable drawings."
L. McKinstry, Lexington, KY Jan '05

"As I read The Foxes of Kirby Hill I got a big lump in my throat. You have done an eloquent job of portraying a precious but sadly vanishing way of life, a subject which you know is close to my heart.
"Since I'm lucky enough to be graced with the actual memory of that magical ride with the foxes upon which the story is based I found it particularly poignant, especially since that gorgeous place is going the way of the bulldozer -- how tragic that is.
"You did so well to commit the fleeting quality of those 'treasured moments' to paper. And your wonderful illustrations compliment the story so beautifully.
"Many, many congratulations on creating such a lovely book. I plan to give it to all our grandchildren and many older 'kids' as well."

Nancy Polk, conservationist, horsewoman Aug 20th, '04